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Does Bello have liability insurance?


Yes, we are fully insured to cover all aspects of installation. If your living facility requires a COI, we can acquire a personalized COI for $50. Just let us know when we are providing a quote!


How long does will it take to get a quote back for my install?


We will reach out within 48 hours. We do aim to provide a quote within 24 hours, but for larger installs that require more coordination and details it could take up to 48 hours. We will communicate if we need any additional information to complete your quote.


Do you charge an hourly rate?


No, we only charge for the specific work we do (ex. 3 pictures, 1 TV mount, 1 set of drapes). If all the details of your install are correct, you will know the exact cost of the install with the quote. Each install includes 30 miles of travel from Kylde Warren Park in Dallas, Texas, with each addition mile being $1/mile.


My artwork is one-of-a-kind and very expensive, how can I be sure its secure?


One-of-a-kind luxury & fine artwork is our specialty. We only use superior and reliable hardware (all included with your install). We 100% guarantee our work and give our clients piece of mind know their artwork is hung professionally with safety in mind.


I have purchased a piece from a gallery. Do I need to pick it up for you to install it?


No, we also offer delivery services. If you provide us with your contact at the gallery, we can coordinate the pick and delivery.


Do you off any other services than hanging art?

Yes, we offer a wide range of services and a one stop shop for all your hanging installation needs. Just to name a few; drapery, TV mount, mirrors, etc. If is hangs on a wall or ceiling, we most like likely can do it! The only things we won’t hang are things that require electrical wiring.


How long will a typical installation take?


It all depends on the size and scope of the install, but we can give you an estimate when we send you a quote. We take great pride in doing installations in a very timely and effective manner!


What is your cancellation policy?


We require a 24-hour notice to cancel your installation free of charge. There is a $300 fee if you need to cancel within 24 hours of your install. We do understand that life happens, so if you need to reschedule, please give us as much notice as possible.


When do I pay and what forms of payment do you accept?


You will pay upon the completion of your install. Our job is not considered complete unless you are 100% happy. The payment options that we accept are cash, check, credit card, and apple pay.


Is there a limit on the size of artwork or scale of instillation you can complete?


Depending on the details of the installs (weight of art, height hung, width), we may send more than one installer. When providing detail about your project; the more details, the better. Photos of the art as well as the wall you want it installed on also help us.


Am I able to get my artwork installed on walls that are not drywall?


Yes, we can install into almost all wall materials (venetian walls, plaster, brick). There is a $45 additional fee for each piece not installed into drywall.

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